A Sick Weekend


I woke up with a bad sore throat which lasted all day, so I felt a bit worse for wear yesterday. Work dragged and I was so glad when it was 5pm and I got to come home.


Dad cooked a scrummy BBQ, but because of my sore throat I didn’t have my usual eager appetite. I always know when I’m sick because my appetite isn’t up to its normal standards.

But Gary came round and between the four of us we all managed to consume the BBQ food without a problem Winking smile. I mainly ate the cooked meat off the BBQ, rather than the salad dishes mum had prepared because the warmth of the food felt nice on my throat.

Afterwards, I begrudgingly sat down to watch the final of Britain’s Got Talent.


I dislike programmes like this a lot, but Gary wanted to watch it, so a girlfriend does what a girlfriend has to do Winking smile.

I couldn’t believe some of the trash that had made it to the final! Really don’t enjoy programmes like this that are so exaggerated, just BLAH. Eye rolling smile

The only part of the programme that wowed me was when Jackie Evancho, the America’s Got Talent runner up, performed live. Just incredible that somebody so young could have a voice so magical.

My Dad also provided some funny comments that kept me amused while we watched the show, such as “That lady looks like one of my clients” and “Oh, she’ll be on drugs in two years time.”


My sore throat subsided and I feel a lot better today, but it has turned into a bad head cold now. I think that I’ve already sneezed about 100 times and its only midday. I can deal with a head cold more than a sore throat though!

It seems that the beginning of June is turning into a month of sickness, because Gary’s nephew Owen caught chicken pox! Tomorrow is also his niece, Amie’s 2nd birthday.


Today we were supposed to be going round to wish her a happy birthday as they’re having a little party for her. But I haven’t had chicken pox before so I can’t go Sad smile

And we bought a present especially for her!


I hope she likes it!

Gary and I had a bit of a funny experience going into the Early Learning Centre to look for her present the other week. I don’t think we’ve ever looked more out of place in a shop before! We were surrounded by women with excited children charging about. I’m sure that we looked very odd in there Smile with tongue out

Damn chicken pox! I definitely don’t want to tempt fate and catch them at this point in my life. I just never had them as a child and supposedly you get them worse as an adult.


Seen as I feel better than I did yesterday I am going to spend some time doing some exercises at home, maybe using some online videos depending on how I feel. Got to try and be productive somehow!

Have you ever had chicken pox before?


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