School’s Out!

Oh wait, I left school last year. And I left like this:

Leavers (7)crop

with a big smile on my face Smile

What I meant was;

School’s University’s Out!


I had my last university exam yesterday at 4-6pm.  So I’m officially done, I’m not going back! Read why here. It felt like such a relief when the exam invigilator voiced the words ‘You may leave.’
I walked out the exam hall into the warm summer’s evening, taking a big inhale of freedom while thinking ‘summers here!

What better way to welcome the summer in, by taking a little holiday shop today.


Just a few more essential items Smile


I always seem to lose my hair bands? Good job Primark sell a pack of 30 for £1!


I hope that I bought enough flip-flops Winking smile


Although the flip-flop basket is beginning to look a little full now.


As is my bikini basket though too…
I think its safe to say that my holiday purchases are finally coming together, and I don’t have a lot left to buy now.
The baskets under my bed are stuffed with bikinis and flip-flops, and I’ve now got a dedicated a hook at the back of my wardrobe for all my outfits.

My day was generally pretty good today, not just because it was the first day of summer and because I went shopping, but also because I had one of those scenarios where I can’t help but think that certain things happen for a reason.


Last week, I had a bit of a disastrous shop because I got  two dresses which didn’t fit me, which I thankfully returned without any trouble earlier this week. Out of the blue today, in a different shop all together, I noticed one of the dresses I bought incorrectly, reduced to £10!

Amazingly the dress fitted me, so I was more than happy to pay £10 for it! Smile I keep on thinking how it was meant to be that I returned the original dress earlier this week for £24 and then saw it today in a different shop for £10, result!

My next intention is to produce a list of all the items I intend to pack – as its good to be organised! Plus I also happen to love making to-do lists! Stay tuned.


I have also made some small progress on my grandparents anniversary surprise posters today. I did some sneaking around on my own upstairs and managed to snap a picture of a wedding picture of them from 5o years ago Smile. I plan on printing my selection of pictures as soon as possible so I can begin on the posters!

When does your summer start? What plans have you made?


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