Driest Spring For Over 100 Years

According to the news, we have had the driest spring on records for 100 years.


Parts of the UK have had the driest and warmest spring for more than a century, latest figures from the Met Office confirm. (Source.)


Yesterday was certainly a nice omen for the month of June in  my opinion, bringing the promise of sunshine with it. I am definitely a summer-loving kinda gal.

Dry spring – bad for the grass:


But good for our morale and tans Smile.

I made the most of the nice day by sitting in the sunshine with mum for a couple of hours. It put me in a lazy kind of mood and afterwards I had to drag myself to the gym with the boyfriend. But it was worth it. I know I would have regretted not going.

Buying gym shorts was also a very good idea, even though at the time when I bought them I was worried I wouldn’t get the chance to wear them. Yesterday shorts were very appropriate in the heat! I normally dislike the chill of the gym from the air-conditioning, but I welcomed the cool breeze yesterday.

I focused my workout on strength training yesterday. I started off by warming up with 5 minutes walking and then headed down the end of the gym to lift a few weights. I finished up by warming down with 5 minutes walking. Nothing too strenuous on such a hot day. Smile

Post-workout snack:


A juicy orange satisfied my craving for something sweet and delicious after my workout. I find oranges really summery, maybe because of their bright colourful appearance reminds me of sunshine. Fruit is so refreshing in the summer – I love it Smile

How have you found the warm spring so far?


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