10 Tips For Selling Items On eBay


You may have noticed that I mention eBay quite a lot on my blog. I use eBay to both buy and sell items online. Selling on eBay is a great way to earn yourself some extra money and over time I have learned some of the most effective tricks to get the best out of it. Here are my top 10 tips for selling on eBay:

1.) Don’t Sell Junk.

Nobody wants to buy junk on the internet. Chances are if you think that something is rubbish, it isn’t going to sell. Don’t use eBay as a way to try and get rid of pointless rubbish – if you really don’t want it, throw it away.

2.) Carefully Select What You Wish To Sell.

Go through your stuff and sort out what you are going to sell. Keep these things in mind: Do I use this item anymore? Will I regret selling this? Is it in a good, acceptable condition to be sold? And then after I consider these things, I try to think back to what made me buy the item in the first place. For example, if it is a particular brand or has particular quality – other people can identify the same features and this will create interest.


Additionally, you should also select items appropriately to the time of year that it is. Don’t try and sell a pair of sandals in the middle of winter, and so on.

3.) Set Your Price.

The next thing you should consider, is setting a price that you would be satisfied with. However, you have to be realistic about setting your price. I always assess how much I originally paid for something and how much I believe its worth at the time I sell it.


If you’re selling something that is valuable, knock a reasonable amount off the original price you paid for it. (If you don’t know how much something is worth, just spend some time searching online to find out – trust me its worth it.) You actually receive more interest by starting your price a little lower because people think that they’re getting a bargain. If bidders want your item that badly, they will eventually up the bids!

4.) Take Advantage Of Free Listing.

If you’ve got an item you want to start at a decent price, take advantage of free listing because you can start your item at any price without eBay charging you to list it.

5.) Take Good Quality Pictures Of Your Item.

Good pictures are key to selling your items on eBay.


To create a good impression of what you’re selling try to make your pictures look professional. The picture is the first impression bidders get of your item, so don’t be careless with it – spend some time making it look neat and organised.


Avoid dark lighting and the flash as it will change the image considerably. Make use of boxes and anything else to prove authenticity. The things I capture tend to be: the item itself, a close up on the logo/label, boxes, instructions and so on.


6.) Write An Informative Description.

You need to make sure that when you write the description of your item, that you’re very clear about exactly what is being sold. Make sure that your description is logical and makes sense – if bidders are unclear on what is being sold they will look elsewhere. Include details on: sizes, brands, measurements, model and so on. In your description you also need to notify bidders on how you wish to be paid (paypal being the easiest option.)

7.) Don’t Use Attention Seeking Titles.

One of the most off putting things on eBay is when people use blatant attention seeking titles for their items. When you’re searching for something on eBay there’s nothing worse than seeing ‘L@@K!’ or loads of abbreviations in one title like ‘BOGOF,’ as it just looks like you’re desperate to sell the item. Some of the things I tend to do, to catch people’s attention in a good way is to capitalise important words such as the brand name.

8.) Be Persuasive.

If you’re going to get your item to sell you need to be persuasive about it in the description. Convince bidders why they should bid on YOUR item. I use bold, short sentences like ‘100% genuine’ or ‘like new’ to help sell my item.


9.) Tell The Truth.

At the same time, you need to tell the truth about what you’re selling. If you think you’ve used an item a lot, don’t put ‘only used once’ or ‘only used a few times’ because when they receive the item its normally pretty obvious if something has been well used. I’ve sold items in the past that genuinely have only been worn once, so if you’re confident about certain things mention this in the description. Furthermore, if you doubt something’s authenticity make sure you’re clear of this in the description. Don’t sell something as genuine if you’re not sure that it is.

10.) Reuse Your Resources.

Lastly, once your item is sold and you go to pack it, the best way to save money is to reuse resources.


In my house, we’re always making purchases online so we have dozens of boxes, packages, bubble wrap and so on, scattered about. Don’t waste money buying packaging! Reuse anything you can get your hands on that is in an acceptable condition to send (i.e provides enough protection). Even if you don’t buy online, reuse old shoe boxes, cereal boxes – be creative. The only thing that I buy to wrap my items, is postal paper to wrap them with.


If you follow these tips you should have a hassle-free experience selling on eBay, while hopefully still bagging a bit of profit for your own pockets. Smile


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