Unlucky Friday

I think that yesterday should have been Friday 13th because I had the most random, bad luck!


I woke up fairly early in order to get a quick workout at the gym. I did 30 minutes spinning and then 150 sit ups using the Ab Roller. I haven’t pushed myself too hard this week because I’m really hoping that my knee is going to be strong enough to start running again soon.

Later in the afternoon, Gary and I took a shopping trip together. We’ve had it planned for a few weeks as it was payday for Gary, so we waited for that to arrive until we went. It felt like ages since our last proper shop and we both anticipated an eventful trip!

However, sometimes I think that you can look forward to something too much and when it arrives it can be slightly underwhelming. Well yesterday was one of those days anyway.


To start off with, we originally planned to shop and then afterwards get some dinner while we were out.  But, Gary’s nan has been in hospital the past few days, so we sacrificed the meal so he could try to go and visit her. I think that he was feeling a bit preoccupied with trying to visit her while we were shopping too, so he wasn’t his normal chirpy self. To cut a long story short, we came home early and he didn’t even get the chance to see her Sad smile it was a bit of a bummer.

Then, once home and browsing through my purchases of the day I noticed that something was wrong. 2/3 of the dresses I bought didn’t fit me and need to be returned.

I will explain:

I bought 3 dresses, one from New Look, one from Republic and one from Miss Selfridge, all of which I tried on in the changing rooms. (I always try stuff before I get it.) However, it was just my uncanny luck on the day, that both the dresses I tried in Republic and New Look were slightly damaged. Yet, despite the damages the dresses both fitted me, so I went off and just picked up another size 10 on the rails, thinking “Yep just tried the size on and it fits me.”


I’ve got no idea what happened, but when I got home the dresses that I swapped, completely did not fit me, yet they were size 10’s which was the same size I tried on in the store’s changing rooms. I suppose it goes to show that individual items do have their own size differences.

So basically I’ve got to go and take back half the stuff I bought Sad smile.

Lesson Learnt Today – Try Before Ya’ Buy!


Behold one of the more successful purchases of the day Winking smile :


A pair of Melissa flip-flops. I discovered Melissa through my Vivienne Westwood pumps I bought earlier this year.


The best way to describe Melissa shoes is that they’re like ‘Jelly’ shoes. Remember those shoes you had as a child that have a soft, rubbery texture? Well, I guess I never grew out of my love for ‘Jelly-Shoes.’


They’re super comfy and they look really girly on Smile. I wanted to get a pair of nice evening sandals that I can wear on holiday for after dinner, and these babies ticked the right boxes.



At least all of my purchases weren’t a complete disaster!

Fun Fact- I adore cute shoes and shoe boxes at the moment. They make my wardrobe look so lively.


My faith in fate was restored this morning when I learned that I was like £75 richer thanks to eBay. Winking smile


That certainly put a smile on my face as I headed to work today. Winking smile


The rest of my bank holiday weekend is shaping up to be pretty uneventful, so I will try and cram in some last minute revision for my last two exams Tuesday and Thursday.

I guess that the only good thing that has come out of my unlucky Friday, is that I now have a good excuse to say that I need to go shopping again Winking smile. What are your bank holiday weekend plans?


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