The sunshine didn’t stay very long, as we got some much needed rain today. It was pretty stormy all day, and I spent the majority of it peering out of the window wishing it would go away.

It wasn’t all doom and gloom though, I went to the gym early this morning and got some jobs done, including a trip to the pet shop for the girls.


Nothing too exciting – just your everyday Thursday.

However the rainy weather did inspire me to put my Planning-Hat on and start a new project:

On the 1st July my grandparents celebrate their 50th Wedding Anniversary and they have finally booked a venue to host a family meal. So this has been a popular topic of discussion in the family this week. And I felt the urge to get a little bit creative today.

I’ve decided that I want to help decorate the venue with personalised ‘Happy Anniversary’ posters featuring lots of family pictures on. While I was out, I bought some bits to help aid my creation: a wooden photo-frame and some ‘Happy Anniversary’ card confetti.


I thought that this was a nice idea to go with the posters as it could be placed at the head of the table for display. I decorated the inside of the frame with confetti then added a picture I found. And voila we have one decoration ready so far Open-mouthed smile


Afterwards I sorted through loads of recent family pictures and created an album on the laptop of all the pictures I would like to print out to use on some posters.

The next step, is to sneakily search on my granddads laptops to see if he keeps any old copies of their pictures, including their wedding photographs. I think it would be great to have a few images from their wedding scattered somewhere.

So if I’m successful in doing that my next step will be to print the pictures out Smile

I’m getting excited for their anniversary now and to pull this project off ! Bring on the festivities!

I will keep updating on this projects in some future posts Smile. What things are you looking forward to in the upcoming weeks?


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