Exercise Is Good For The Body And The Soul!

Hello! I’m back. Smile

This week has started off on a manic one.

My grandparents are getting central heating put in their house this week. This means two things:

– My nan and granddad aren’t of sound minds, and even the simplest things confuse them, so having their home turned into a workman’s site is very chaotic.

– Their home is full of junk, dust and muck. Having work done is only emphasising this and making it worse.

So we have been dropping by their place as much as we can, to supervise and clean up. Its a long old job. This included a HUGE sort out upstairs where there were piles of junk that are literally as tall as me.



(Mission impossible)



No floor space!


Just some of the bags we gathered.


We cleared some wardrobe space and folded away some jeans and hung loads of coats up.


About two hours later we started to see progress.







Then add the fact that I had an exam yesterday and today, and had to drive 25 miles away to sit them, you can see why this week has began with a bang Winking smile.

As I’m not staying on at my current university, explained why in this post, I haven’t been worrying too much about studying for these exams. I’m just sitting them to say that I tried. Its a good job that these exams aren’t important to me, what with everything going on, or I would be in a right state at the moment!



Over the weekend I did some hip exercises with the hand weights. But I didn’t get a chance to workout yesterday, so this morning I was very eager to fit in a workout at the gym. My body needed exercise today.


Sometimes I need a bit of upheaval in my life, to make me realise how much I benefit from exercise! I did an easy 30 minutes cross training, followed by 200 sit ups in the cradle. My body felt instantly refreshed and my mind was cleared from all the crazy goings on.

Amazing how I see exercise as a method to help me relax now, when just over a year ago I would have never believed this!

Speaking of therapy – I’m finally going shopping on Friday for some holiday bits Open-mouthed smile expect a post on purchases. However, the volcano from Iceland creating an ash cloud is beginning to be a bit worrying. Its got 7 weeks to sort its butt out! OR ELSE Sad smile.

Has your week started off in an eventful way? Or have you had any impossible jobs to tackle this week?


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