Pain In The Neck.

This week turned into a pain in the neck knee.


I was ready to RUN that morning, inspired by new kit and shoes.


But my excitement to run was short lived as I barely managed half a mile due to the pain reoccurring in my left knee Sad smile. I stopped running straight away so I didn’t worsen the injury.


I’ve been feeling completely gutted and frustrated about it all week. I miss running and my knee is being completely deceiving – seeming fine one minute which makes me think I’m okay to run but then plays up as soon as I get on the treadmill.


My knee felt really sore so I’ve been spending a bit of time resting.


With the addition of some guinea pigs cuddles too.


I’ve been a bit down about it and therefore rather unproductive and useless. All of my workouts this week have suffered as a result.

On a different note, the upcoming week is going to be rather hectic so stay tuned and I will post something in the next few days. I promise to be a lot more focused and hopefully more interesting.

How do you deal with being injured or ill? And does it have an impact on your day to day activities?


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