New Hair And New Running Shoes.


I had a fairly busy morning today. Firstly I had a doctors appointment at 9.30. I got to the doctors at 9.20 as I like to be early, but I didn’t get seen till 10 Disappointed smile.


Lesson learnt today – don’t get to the doctors early.

Never mind. My appointment was super quick thankfully and I was in and out of the doctors office within 5 minutes.

Then after, I went to my dad’s shop to get my hair done.







The length is the same but the colour is just a bit more of a yellow blonde. So far, so good! I like it!

This afternoon, my dad and I took a MUCH needed trip to Sweatshop, which is a specialised running shop. And the best news of today is that I finally made the decision to buy new running shoes!


I got properly fitted with a pair of running shoes by jogging on a treadmill whilst being recorded on camera. I would definitely recommend doing this and I wish I would have done this sooner!

The recording of me on the treadmill captured the way I run and I got to watch it afterwards. It highlighted that, on my right foot I land straight, however, on my left foot I have a tendency to land at an angle.

Surprise, surprise I get all my knee pain in my left knee!

The man in the shop then referred me to a selection of running shoes that are suited to my running style with cushioning.

I narrowed the choice down to a pair of Nike LunarElite +2:


Official description:

The LunarElite+ 2 improves upon the first LunarElite with a strategic new Flywire configuration and reduced weight. Ideal for runners with a neutral to moderately over-pronated gait the dynamic support system responds to your individual stride providing just the right level of stability and cushioning.


Basically they felt really light on my feet and as though they will give me better support than my old shoes (fingers crossed.) I already feel more comfortable wearing them, even just when I walk. Landing seems more effortless, and when I compare them to my old trainers I think I can now see why:


See the arch in my old ones? I wonder if this was causing problems for me. My new ones don’t have an arch in them so only time will tell how these bad boys will turn out Smile!


I sort of fell in love with the colour of them too Winking smile


Not only was I impressed with the capturing how you run by the treadmill, I was also wowed by the great variety of sports clothes the shop had to offer too!

I really like wearing Nike dri-fit as the material absorbs sweat well and is generally comfortable to wear when exercising. However, most sports shops I look in don’t have a good variety of Nike sportswear, even the Nike shop isn’t greatly stocked Confused smile.

But the shop today had loads on offer! I bought this to wear in partner with the new running shoes:


Clearly I was in a very purple mood today.

I can’t wait to try out my new stuff tomorrow morning at the gym! Smile


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