The Dreaded “E” Word

I have had a double dose of the “E” word this week: Essay and Exam.

The “E” word has pretty much taken over the start of my week. So there hasn’t really been anything worth blogging about. At 9am on Monday morning one of our exams was posted on Blackboard, an academic website where we submit essays etc. Its a Take Away exam: done at home. The deadline to submit an electronic and hard copy is by 4.30pm Thursday.


The start of my week in a nutshell:

Monday: hit the gym, finished my essay, started planning the exam and went to work.


Tuesday: spent all day working on and finishing my exam. I also planned a trip to the gym in the afternoon but thankfully saw this:


God, I love technology!

If I hadn’t checked my Facebook I would have been happily scooting off to the gym, unawares that it was shut!

Wednesday: went to the gym as it was open as normal today, handed in my essay and exam and went for lunch.



A different type of “E” word in my life this week:



As well as writing an exam I’ve been keeping a close eye on my eBay as I put some things to sell on there at the weekend: fingers crossed  I get some money Winking smile.

Other trivial parts of my week have included nursing a really irritating gnat bite.


This itchy bite has been testing my will power all week. It was really swollen up the other day, but its starting to calm down now. I’ve found a good remedy to calm the itching and swelling (apart from using wasp-eze spray) :-


They are little blocks that you are meant to use in your drinks as like an alternative for ice, if you’re so inclined (as ice waters your drinks down) but this week I have been icing my bite with them.


The good thing about the blocks is that because they are plastic I don’t get it all melt on me.



I’ve also waited in for the delivery man:


This parcel contained my birthday present!! I’m so excited. Can you guess what I’m getting Winking smile ?

Hopefully my weekend will be a bit more fun than the start of this week! No plans have been made yet though, but this can easily be sorted!

How do you cope with exams?


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