Not the sort you get paid for though.

Go to gym: check!

Wash up: check!

Put dishes away: check!

Hang washing out: check!

Hoover upstairs: check!

Feed guinea pigs: check!

Vote: check!

Write essay: semi check!


Today has been a productive day of keeping busy with this and that.


I started the day fairly early with a trip to the gym. I did a treadmill workout which I found on CarrotsnCake’s blog. I really enjoyed the walking workout as it kept me motivated and I wasn’t bored, which I sometimes find I am. I ended up burning 425 calories, just from walking! (Well you do have some pretty steep inclines during part of the workout) but I was really pleased with it. Its nice to have a workout that doesn’t take it out of you but you still feel as though you’ve worked hard.

When I got home my mum had left me a few jobs to do, putting the washing on the line, dishes etc.





Weirdly enough I quite like days like this where I manage to be productive.


I need to keep myself busy at home or I know I will start binge-eating out of boredom.

It is sometimes hard to motivate yourself when you’re the only person at home.

I am the sort of person that can motivate myself, however it is also good to be motivated by others Winking smile. For example, I much prefer going to the gym with a partner than on my own. Even though when I get to the gym I do my own thing. Weird right?

Although it has been a bit of a boring day by myself, I feel like I have achieved something. The house is tidy, a few jobs have been crossed off the list and my essay is coming together. Although I haven’t finished it yet, I worked on my American Literature essay most of the afternoon. Slowly but surely.



I was pleased to see that I have just over a thousand words to go!

However I think I managed to Tweet just as many words. Winking smile


I sometimes frequently get distracted by the internet ! If it isn’t Facebook or Twitter its online shopping that distracts me. MUST. LEARN. TO. FOCUS.


Today I also voted for the first time in the local election. Last year I missed out on voting in the general election as I was still seventeen.


I don’t pretend to know very much about politics or what not, but I do think its very important to vote. Especially us women. Personally I think that all politicians are crooks and I didn’t really know who was right to vote for today.

Yet I was happy that I went down to the library with my dad and voted. Smile Something about it felt sort of liberated and that we have given our little say in the community.


What jobs give you a sense of achievement? What do you think about voting?

I have a feeling I will sleep well tonight. Goodnight.


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