Farewell Meal


My Mum’s uncle, Stephen, has been visiting from Australia for the past four weeks and tomorrow he goes home.


So today, he had his send off from us with all of our company and of course food!

The main purpose of his visit over to England was to spend time with my great-gran, who hit the 90 year mark, in 2009.


So obviously, time is precious to them, especially because of living so far away from each other.

Most of the family gathered at our local social club this evening for a meal. As there were so many of us though, we were all scattered about several tables so the atmosphere was a bit difficult to maintain but I suppose that can’t be helped.


The men were happy enough playing darts and watching the football though. Winking smile






My mum’s parents.


I had a tasty lasagne for dinner, everyone seemed pretty satisfied and full up after their dinner. However, a few people with a sweet tooth didn’t say no to puddings Smile


This was my indulgent meal of this week, mainly due to the chips. So I resisted the urge for dessert when we were out, however I had some strawberries and a yogurt when I came home. Definitely the healthier option Smile got to think of the bikini body!


Thankfully I did manage to hit the gym this morning so I don’t feel too guilty about my meal out, I did a 30 minute interval workout including some running. However my knee is still playing up Sad smile I thought it would have felt better by now as I hurt it over 3 weeks ago now. I really miss the running aspect of my weekly workouts: cross-training just isn’t the same.

But I will continue to plod along with the cross-training and try to get some motivation going! I think its going to be one of those weeks with motivation. Maybe I need to refresh myself of my summer goal….. might trigger some motivation!


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