A Change Of Plans

Pinch and a punch! Its May! Wow.

5 months into the year already! I find it quite scary how quickly time goes. As another month finishes and another one starts, I thought it would be appropriate to find five minutes to take a review of April’s workouts. I was actually really pleased when I stepped back to take a look at what I’ve done this month. I’m managing to stick to 4 days working out/keeping active a week. Open-mouthed smile I would love to keep this up!


So today we had a few change of plans. Dad and I had planned to go to the gym this morning, but really couldn’t get round to it when the time came. I just wanted to potter around at home.

Also, we had it in our minds that we were going out for a dinner at The Rose Inn, where we went a few weeks ago. When we rang to book it turned out that they stop serving food at 4 on Sundays and ideally we wanted to book up for dinner later than that. Instead we booked at another pub, just down the road which my Mum had heard good things about, called Duke William.

Having a little wonder about the countryside before our meal Smile







A perfect sized door for the mother and myself!




After snapping some pictures and having a look around we headed to the pub.


Again, the location of the pub was very pleasant and the pub itself was really smart and well presented.



The dining area.


Sometimes a change of plan is a good thing. I was glad that we tried out a different pub as it was really nice and I’m always saying that its good to go somewhere new. On saying this, I was a tiny bit disappointed with the meal I ordered. I should start by saying the food was divine though. I ordered duck breast in a red pepper corn sauce. I thought, pepper, I’ll be fine.

It turned out that there was LOTS of red pepper corns in the sauce and let me tell you, they have a very overwhelming taste. The taste overpowered the meal which was a shame because the duck was lovely and tender! Sad smile meh! I guess it was one of those things. Finally, the food was a bit pricey for the amount of food you actually received. That’s all I’m going to say because I don’t want to leave on a bad note as I would like to go back there, as I do still think everything was of good quality! Smile

My favourite pub out of the two I’ve been to the past few weeks is definitely The Rose Inn.


I just love the setting of the pub here on the green and the atmosphere it creates. Plus, I couldn’t fault the food here.

At the moment I would quite like to go here for a meal to celebrate my 19th Birthday this year. Smile That is unless we discover an even better pub somewhere else. But I don’t see that happening. Or at least not between now and the end of June Winking smile


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