Home Workouts

Lately, I seem to be neglecting my home based workouts. I use a Pilates and Yoga DVD which, although I enjoy I just can’t seem to get into the swing of using recently.

I think that every little helps especially when it comes to exercise. So if I put a little bit more effort in, by exercising at home I could potentially see some pleasing results.


Before my holiday last year, my form of home exercise was to watch a lot of online fitness videos on Youtube to get ideas of exercises I could do. Some of my favourite sources were SarahFit and Diethealth.

And honestly, I think that they did help me shape up! So I’ve been asking myself, why did I stop doing them when they were clearly working?

I know I’ve been slacking. But the good thing is I know that I want to correct this. I’ve got a few little problem areas I want to sort out: largely my hips if I’m honest.

We also have a kit of home dumbbells so I’ve got no excuse when it comes to shaping up!


One its a waste of money to keep these stored away, unused. Two I will benefit by using them. So today I figured that I should actually use them. I browsed some videos that I’ve watched before to inspire my own little routine of exercises.

There are some really useful video clips which provide a short demonstration of how to do some basic exercises.


You can scroll through and pick out clips to watch.



From the video clips, I put together and did this routine:

Bicep curl
Cross body bicep curl
Deadlift with dumbbells
Over head triceps extension
Bent over row
Bent over rear fly
Side bend
(featured in the SarahFit Lady Gaga Inspired Workout)

I did each exercise in 3 sets of 10 repetitions.

I can already feel it working! Sometimes I think motivating yourself to exercise is the hardest part. And in the end I’m always glad when I do motivate myself. Smile Here’s to more home workouts!


Yesterday I had a 30 minute gym session in the morning doing some resistance training and then had to go shopping to take back some jeans I got a month or so ago.


I’ve only worn them twice and the other night, when I wore them to my grandparents for a curry, my Dad noticed a fault in them.


I still had my receipt though and they were really great about it in the Levis shop and replaced them with a brand new pair, no problem. Open-mouthed smile


Today I waited in for my new piece of bedroom furniture to be delivered. (Picture coming soon.) Now, thanks to this new cabinet, I have a designated draw for my gym clothes Open-mouthed smile horrah! I’m very pleased with it. After waiting in I went to the gym with the boyfriend and did an hour on the bikes.

After a couple of days off from work I’m back to work again tomorrow. But in the evening Gary and I are going for a meal at Nando’s which will be fun Smile got to think of the money…


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