All Work, No Play.

The past few days haven’t been a lot of fun for me. Everywhere I seemed to be hearing about the ‘long weekend off’ everyone has been enjoying, more like a long weekend at work, in my case. And alas, my ‘weekend’ working turned into a full five days work on the trot. For a part timer, this amount of work is a big shock.

Wouldn’t it be nice to swap lives with your pets – they get it nice and easy I think Smile


Easter Monday.

I did manage to get a walk in before I went to work so that was nice. I met some of my family for the walk and we set off. We did one by the river this time. Its not the most beautiful walk, in my opinion, but the scenery is unique in its own way I suppose.





Coffee stop.


2/3 of the way round everybody stopped off at a Nursery to buy flowers. I got a bit bored at this point.



I worked 5-12 in the evening and it was a long, hot shift. Usually the first thing I do when I get home from work is to shower but because it was so late I ended up just taking a quick bath and then crashing out.

This morning I set my alarm for half 7 and took a nice early shower and automatically felt about ten times better.


Funny how a shower can make you feel so much better sometimes isn’t it?

By the time I finished work today I was really craving a good long workout at the gym after it being shut the last few days.  But it turned out that I actually had a bit of a pants workout Sad smile 

I wanted to do at least 45 minutes cardio and some strength training but could only manage 30 minutes cardio. My legs were not responding today. Whenever I have a significant gap in exercise (more than 3/4 days) I always find it difficult to get back into the swing of things.

I’m going to put it down to physical and mental exhaustion from working all these extra hours Winking smile all I need is a good night’s kip and I should be back on track… (I hope.)


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