Easter Weekend.

Happy Easter everyone!


Well mine wasn’t that ‘happy’ as I spent the majority of it at work! Sad smile It does mean lots of double pay which is good for the old bank account, this is what I keep reminding myself anyway.

I also had to get over the fact that I was without the gym for four days too!


I suppose it was a good job that I was occupied with work after all Winking smile . Plus my shifts weren’t too bad either so I could make plans to spend time with my family while enjoying yummy food.

A non-family related event of the weekend was going out on Thursday evening.


   The evening included: dressing up, putting on too much makeup (to cover up my coldsore obviously,) driving down a ditch in a car park due to poor visibility (woops!) being boiling hot in the crowd of drunken night clubbers and generally, soberly observing drunk shenanigans.

I decided to drive this time as the boyfriend always takes us out, although he doesn’t drink, its nice to give him the night off Smile. Plus it can be his turn to take us shopping in a few weeks time Winking smile.

Because of the bank holiday, I assume, the place was packed out! It wasn’t late when we decided to call it a night, the novelty of being sober in a crowded club of drunken people quickly wears off.

It was a pretty good night, and I’ve had far worse sober nights out believe me!

Good Friday.

I did a shift over lunch time till 3 and then went for a short walk in the woods afterwards.



It was lovely and cool in the woods but as soon as we stepped out of the shade it was boiling hot, and even though we took it easy I was ready to stop at the end.






It was a nice way to make the most of the sunny afternoon. For dinner we all went to my grandparents for a lovely curry. I make that my third curry in three weeks Winking smile

When we got home we caught the last half of Chocolat – love this film so much! Open-mouthed smile


The music is so dramatic and beautiful! Perfect film to show on TV at Easter!

Easter Saturday.

Dad cooked a BBQ for the evening meal Open-mouthed smile. I haven’t had any Easter treats of chocolate/sweets for years now, but I made up for it by allowing myself some indulgences over dinner.





We had a delicious BBQ feast Open-mouthed smile. I love BBQ’s!


Plus strawberries for dessert!


Strawberries are definitely up there on my list of favourite fruits (along with dark grapes and pineapples.)

Easter Sunday.

After work I mainly relaxed today and now I’m looking forward to a delicious roast dinner later on tonight Smile.


I hope everybody else had a pleasant Easter weekend too!


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