Bikini Disaster = Eye Opener

Over the past week or so I seem to have had a few eye openers. My body shape is in that awkward stage where I’m in between sizes when it comes to bikinis. Size 12’s are too big as they’re droopy around the back and generally a bit loose. I don’t want to be sitting on a beach in a nice bikini that doesn’t fit me properly! Yet size 10’s are just that bit too small.

Especially this one that arrived yesterday.


I ordered it online and went for the size 10. Ideally I want to lose some weight before my holiday anyway so if 12’s are too big now hopefully they will be too big when it comes to holiday time too.

BUT it arrived in the post yesterday and gave me a nasty shock – the bottoms are a tiny size 10. Don’t you just hate that? When a particular size is smaller than normal.

I don’t have a small bum by any means either, but I actually quite like that as you need shape somewhere! And I managed to get the bikini bottoms on, but boy did they look nasty. Its one of those low styled bikini bottoms anyway where they rest under your hips.

I have a love/hate relationship with my hips. Its my one body part I can’t seem to accept.

Hols (169)

I was pretty happy with how I felt last year on holiday though. This is my goal for the summer: to be Hip-Happy.

I’m pretty satisfied with the amount of exercise I’m doing at the moment which should definitely help me lose some pounds. But what I think I do need a closer think about is toning and diet.


I’ve decided to make a personal note of what I’m eating each day, to see what is working and what isn’t working. Also sometimes when you actually write down everything you eat you realise just how much stuff you have you probably don’t need. This is an example of how I’m going to be keeping track of my diet.


I want to make sure:

  • Everything I’m snacking on is low in fat/calories, so ideally a piece of fruit.
  • That I start sticking to portions.
  • That I cut down on my bread intake.
  • That I only allow myself one indulgence mealper week (lately I seem to be having loads?)
  • Everything I drink doesn’t have any sugar, so ideally lots of water.
  • That I learn to appreciate when I’ve eaten enough without getting full.
  • To have the will power to say no.

I’m determined to do this! Open-mouthed smile So this morning I weighed myself for the first time in months – Not that I’m worried about my weight but it will give me some idea where I need to be I think. I came in at a little under 9 stone. Even though I’m okay with this I want to set myself a goal that I can reach for. So I am aiming for 8.5 stone by July.

I have also measured my hips as this is my main target area:

Hips Measure – 34”. (19th April)

So in about a months time I will measure them again to see how I’m doing and note any changes I may (or may not) have noticed. Let’s do this!


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