Full Weekend.

 Calypso update: just an update from last week, Calypso wasn’t herself but thankfully seems to be doing a lot better now. We have kept a close watch on her and she is her normal cheery character, eating and acting as active as she normally does.

My weekend was mainly spent at work this week. Normally I only work Saturdays but today I covered somebody’s shift due to a severe lack of funds from my shop on Thursday. Time seems to be going very slowly at work at the moment though and I had a long weekend Disappointed smile.


Last night, Gary and I spent the evening with his brother, Steve and his wife Caroline. We enjoyed an Indian take away together which was very nice indeed. However, I was very full by the end of the evening, almost to the point of feeling uncomfortable.

It wasn’t a late night due to the fact I was on an early at work today and needed to be up at the crack of dawn.  I was at work just before 7am. Usually I can’t go out of the door without having eaten something. But the thought of breakfast so early wasn’t really working for me today, plus I knew it would mess up my routine and make my hungry for the rest of the day. Then I had a bright idea.


I made myself some porridge to take to work to eat on my break for breakfast. I was chuffed with my idea and rather enjoyed taking my own breakfast in with me.


I popped it in the microwave in the staff room for a minute or so and was already to go! I will definitely be doing this again when I’m next on an early at work and want to have my own breakfast.

Luckily when  I finished work at 3 this afternoon the sun  was still out and the temperature was warm so I did a spot of sunbathing in the garden with Mum. While sunbathing we sorted out some old bikinis and underwear and I managed to get create two bags of stuff: one for charity and the other to sell on eBay.


Hopefully I can make a bit of money from it Winking smile but I won’t hold my breath as eBay can be so unpredictable.

It was lovely to sit in the warm sunshine. I was also very happy to see the girls grazing as normal.



How sweet! Oh and not to forget the tortoise too!


We thought this picture of Rose next to a statue of a tortoise looked quite silly! Smile


She is even less active than the guinea pigs though! What does that reflect on their owner I wonder ?! Winking smile 

I am really fatigued now and ready to sleep. Traditional sunday night roast was a perfect end to the week but has made me feel satisfied and sleepy. My early morning is starting to show plus the fact I have caught a sore throat so I’m feeling a bit rough. Despite the sore throat I am still going to have a productive upcoming week:

I am really going to become serious about my diet from now on in the build up to summer. I will enhance on this some more when I’m not so dreary though.

Good night for now!


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