One Sore Knee, Four Bags of Rubbish and A Couple of Hundred £’s Later.

The week has slipped by me again and here we are on Friday already!

Firstly, my outdoor run on Tuesday has landed me with a sore knee Sad smile. It isn’t intensely painful but there is a dull ache, so I’ve kept it in a support bandage and haven’t ran since.


I don’t think my body was at all accepting towards the new surfaces. I had a feeling something like this could happen though, and I suppose this is just another part of running that I have yet to learn about.


I know from my past errors that I have jumped back into action too quickly after an injury and made it worse for myself, so this time I am going to be patient and let my body do what it needs to do. This way, hopefully I will be up and ‘running’ in no time Winking smile.

Wednesday, I did a spot of clearing up at my Grandparents house. Now, there are no words that even scratch the surface when trying to explain their home. So to keep it simple I will just use one word: ‘Stuff’


Lots and LOTS of stuff.

The back bedroom of the house is just completely full of junk that is in need of a big sort out. You can’t really see it but this is a picture before I started, you can just about open the door and get in the room, apart from that there is no space to even move – there is that much stuff.

To give you some idea:

Piles and piles of clothes, towels, blankets and bath mats, packets of toilet rolls, toys and teddy bears, books, coat hangers, paperwork,  random pieces of furniture – it goes on.






By the time I was finished I had filled up four big bin bags of stuff. And when I showed my mum the room and what I had done she still didn’t even notice any difference! The clutter is just that bad. I had to point out to her what had been tidied Winking smile.

I managed to actually clear some space by moving bits and pieces around so now you can actually walk in the room.


Behold the floor!

And I just put bits into some sort of order, placing old coat hangers in a box, stacking the toilet rolls neatly etc.



Obviously there is still a long way to go. But gradual improvements are a good way of making a small start towards it.

Yesterday, I went shopping with Gary during the day and we had a ridiculous spend up! Open-mouthed smile Between us we must have spent a fortune.

I got about six bikinis for holiday and some trunks for Gary, beach flip-flops, a skirt, two dresses, a t-shirt and a pair of cute sandals. And Gary also bought himself a load of new t-shirts and shorts for the summer! It feels good to have a spend up. (Until you see your empty bank that is Winking smile)


On the journey home I felt very satisfied with the afternoon’s outcomes.

And then in the evening we went to the theatre for my Nan’s birthday.


We watched a play called My Boy Jack. It was a nice experience, but the play wasn’t exactly an uplifting one to go and watch. However the actors were all very good which made up for it.

Its been a busy few days and I am making up for it by having a relaxing day today.


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