Run, Run, Run!

More like run, walk, run, walk Sad smile!

Today I went on a run with Gary, (my first outside run!) And I found it quite hard work. I don’t know what it was, but I felt exhausted. It was a nice sunny morning though which was nice, and it was quite fun despite the hard work.

In hindsight, the route I picked probably wasn’t the wisest one for a first run. It is quite a hilly route, with a big hill at the start and one at the end. I felt defeated afterwards and slightly unfit, which makes me want to try outside running again to make some improvements.

For now though, I’m happy to stick to the treadmill. My legs feel shocked from the transition of a smooth treadmill to the uneven outdoor surfaces they underwent today. As soon as I got home I did some Yoga stretches.


Tomorrow I am going to take it easy and rest my legs, but I will be sure to do a spot more of Yoga though.

Today has been very chilled out, not doing anything too strenuous after our run. We even took an afternoon nap, which was very pleasant Winking smile I could definitely get used to that! Then, in the evening we had a special meal booked. For Christmas Gary’s parents bought us a Red Letter Days Dining Pass.



Our table was booked for 7pm at the Lakes Restaurant.

We dressed fairly smartly, Gary in a shirt and trousers and myself in a dress. I’m glad that we did too, it was all very formal. The exterior of the building is very classy, and the interior is of an equal standard too.


The driveway leading up to the buildings.

You couldn’t really fault any of it – it was all top notch. We were very well attended to, the food came promptly, well presented and was of high quality. Yet Gary and I both felt a little bit uneasy from all the attention we were receiving. We are definitely not used to this type of service. Winking smile

I ordered:

Mackerel salad for starters,

Duck breast for main,

Apple and redcurrant crumble with vanilla ice cream for desert (this was my favourite dish!)

The dining pass was a memorable experience which I’m glad that Gary and I shared together. We actually booked it this particular week as a way to celebrate our 2 and half year anniversary which was on Sunday Smile.  On the whole, we much prefer our meals to take place in a more casual and fun environment.


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