Curry Night.

Turns out me and my mum didn’t murder each other in the kitchen together last night, surprisingly it was fairly stress free Winking smile. However a few circumstances did kind of spoil the traditional curry night buzz that we normally have. It was just one of those evenings, sadly. It didn’t stop the food being great though.

I made Kofta Meatballs with minced lamb. It was a fairly fiddly recipe we followed from Mum’s cookbook, I did the job of rolling the mince into tiny balls and then cooking them on the stove turning them over every now and then so they cooked.



The chicken curry:


Unfortunately I wasn’t a fan of my own product in the end Winking smile the Kofta just didn’t quite agree with my taste buds? I couldn’t quite put my finger on it. When we have curry we don’t normally make Kofta, and I don’t think we will be in a rush to do it again soon.

Another addition to the nights curry was a side dish of poppadoms with some delicious mango chutney dip.




YUM Open-mouthed smile

Dinner is served:


Such a brightly coloured plate of food!


The final outcome of the Kofta meatballs:


I was glad I tried them but they just weren’t for me.

After a weekends rest plus this indulgent dinner, I definitely needed a long workout at the gym today.

I did 45 minutes of cardio this morning. I programmed the elliptical to set me a 30 minute workout, but 25 minutes through the machine started making a terrible squeaking noise and everyone in the gym started staring at me! Not good. I got off the machine as quickly as I could, intending to get on another one just to finish off with 5 minutes but I was surprised to see all the other machines taken. I hoped on the treadmill and ran a fast 0.5 mile in 5 minutes then spent 15 minutes on the bike. Bit of a misshapen workout in the end but there you go.

I have a running-related announcement too:


Tomorrow I am braving the outdoor running world for the first time Open-mouthed smile. Gary and I are doing a run together in the countryside. I am really looking forward to it but I’m also quite nervous too for some reason! I feel like it is going to be a true test of my running abilities. I’ve checked the forecast and tomorrow looks promising with the prediction of sunshine.


Fingers crossed and wish us luck! Smile


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