My weekend routine in a nutshell.

This is how my weekends are shaping up at the moment:

Saturdays – spent at work during the day and then typically see the boyfriend in the evening enjoying some lovely food.

Sundays – the mornings are taken up with seeing my grandparents, followed by rushing back to get a load of jobs done around the house.

This weekend is no exception to the rule. But what wasn’t so typical of my weekend is finding my little Calypso poorly Sad smile.


To put it honestly, guinea pigs are not the most active creatures at the best of times. On saying that though we’ve noticed Calypso has been resting a lot and hardly venturing out of her bed. She’s been curled up with her head tilted and is having a bit of trouble moving. Thankfully she is still eating and doesn’t appear to be in any pain. We’ve been keeping our eye on her, checking to see how she is regularly and we are going to take it from here. Get better baby! Sad smile

So as well as taking care of a poorly piggy, today was dedicated to a trip to the grandparents. Their grass needed cutting again and I was the woman for the job.







I made a bit of a mess on my jeans in the process though.


Cutting grass proves to be hard work and I was getting increasingly thirsty by the minute. My nan have me a can of diet coke which went down a treat.


My nan and granddad have two summer houses, but one of them is called the autumn house. Its at the back of the garden facing the sun so its a lovely spot on a day like this.






When I came home I had some lunch and then did a few Yoga stretches.


Tonight we are having an Indian for dinner which I’m very excited about Open-mouthed smile I love curries at the moment and I haven’t had one for a few weeks now. How I miss them! I’m helping mum make some of it later on too, this will be interesting. Two feisty women in one small kitchen together….


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