The end of another week.

Where did that week go? It flew by and I can hardly believe its Friday again.

Last night I did a late session at the gym with Gary after he finished work at 8pm. I have mixed feelings about working out in the evening, ideally I am a morning person as I prefer not to exercise on a full stomach.

But yesterday I had a really good workout.


I ran 2 miles in 21:00 and enjoyed all of it, I probably could have continued but I didn’t want to push my luck.

Sometimes I find it quite difficult to get into a rhythm when I’m running. It isn’t even always a physical thing as I’m obviously capable of running now but its sometimes a mental thing. It might be that I’m bored, unmotivated, or having a bad week etc which effects my running.


Other times, like last night I can have a perfectly good run Open-mouthed smile. Listening to new tunes definitely helps keep me motivated. Plus Gary was on the treadmill next to me running at some crazy speed of 8mph and even though I was sort of zoned out listening to my iPod it felt like we were running together, which was fun.

He runs so fast compared to me plodding along at 6mph or so. But I still finished only a minute behind him in the end Winking smile.

Today is yet another beautiful day! I spent the morning doing a few little jobs and took my granddad to the gym again. I really think he is enjoying himself, which is fabulous Smile it would be so nice if he can keep it up! I did an easy 40 minutes of cardio today, not pushing myself too much as I have actually been to the gym 5 times this week! That’s got to be good news for the summer body right?

I had a tiger roll with a light spread of philadelphia when I came home.


Plus three cherry tomatoes.

And a packet of Quavers and some raisins.


Today I was also inspired by this gorgeous Spring weather to get a little bit festive for Easter. Aren’t these guys so cute? Open-mouthed smile


They take me straight back to my childhood! What things remind you of your childhood?


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