Bikini Season is soon upon us.

This sunshine seems to be ringing alarm bells inside my head – but in a good way – I need to start getting ready for summer. This means:

a) Start shaping up. I know if I work hard it will pay off! I have two main events in my mind which I would like to be in better shape for : my birthday in June and our summer holiday (which is less than 100 days away!) I need to step up my cardio, at least 30 minutes 3x a week. I should also try and fit in at least 1 decent strength training session a week too, while maintaining my yoga and Pilates at home.


b) Portions, portions, portions. I know at the moment this is  biggest problem with food. I’m capable of resisting the urge to snack needlessly in between meals. But at meal times I tend to load the plate with as much food as possible because I’m hungry, and usually have second helpings. Why have I gotten back into an old habit of eating until I’m full? I need to eat what is on the plate and count it as a portion. I need to stop being greedy having second helpings at every dinner. I end up getting full anyway which is obviously a sign that I’ve eaten too much.

c)And Start saving up. £££


Lots of online browsing is taking place! So many nice things in the shops.


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