Sunshine = Good times

Today was a beautiful warm, sunny day! Wednesdays are dad’s day off and Gary also had the day off from work too so we all made plans to go out for a pub lunch.

I was up early to get in a quick 40 minute workout at the gym, I didn’t do any cardio today as my legs feel quite tight from running 3 miles yesterday. I obviously didn’t spend enough time stretching out properly yesterday Thinking smile. So today I focused my workout purely on weights.

We had arranged to meet my grandparents at their usual spot where they have lunch at 1, but for reason the bar maid told us that they weren’t doing food for an hour or so. We were all hungry by this time and not prepared to wait so we moved on to a different pub just down the road.


I was pleased in the end that we did move locations because the pub that we went to was really pleasant. The pub itself is a beautiful old building and had a spacious garden where we were able to eat our lunch.




It was really nice to sit outside in the sun and eat lunch Smile.


Unfortunately we were a little flustered from moving locations and rushed into ordering our food. I wish that we had spent a bit more time having a closer look at the menu. I ordered a tuna mayo and cucumber sandwich on white bread.


The baguette was mediocre. The bread was nice and crunchy but the filling just wasn’t that flavourful, it felt like it was missing something. Sadly the few chips I received were also a bit cold and had to be eaten down quickly, yet the salad on the side was tasty and had a really yummy dressing on it. I think next time I need to spend a bit more time choosing something wisely.


Gary was also a little bit disappointed with his lunch, he ordered a chicken and bacon baguette which arrived with mayo, which he doesn’t like (this wasn’t explained on the menu that it came with it) and the roll didn’t have any bacon in it. Confused smile Again, probably just a case of ordering a little more carefully.

I wasn’t too bothered about my average lunch because the atmosphere was still very enjoyable Smile.


My granddad had a nasty fall at home at the beginning of the week, hence the black eyes Sad smile.





After lunch,  Gary and I walked over to park to enjoy some more of the sun, then did some sunbathing back at home in the garden.


Do you like his new Easter bonnet? Winking smile.



I have managed to get a rather red nose from my day in the sun! Very clever!


 The girls also loved their day in the warm today.

I finished the day off by helping out in the garden by raking some leaves. The garden looks smart and tidy after our efforts this afternoon!


For dinner mum made tandoori salad which was delicious! I hope my legs are a little better tomorrow and up for another run.


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