Mother’s Day

Sunday was dedicated to all of the mothers out there. I would like to say that I would be nowhere without the support of my mum (and dad, but today isn’t about him!) She is always there for me when I need her and does everything she can to make our family happy, which I will always be thankful for! Smile

That being said, my mum is an absolute pain to buy for at times which is a shame because there is nothing to show affection more than a thoughtful present, in my opinion. Well apart from loving actions but I’d like to think I’m pretty loving most of the time Winking smile. Mum left me with little inspiration or ideas this year for a mother’s day gift apart from some facial cream that she had run out of. I got her the face cream that she wanted but it didn’t seem very special. So this year I tried something new:


I made my mum and dad tea and biscuits in bed.



Card and present included!


I’m pleased to say that I successfully managed to carry the tray upstairs without dropping it/spilling anything. Smile

Dad dutifully went out to wash the cars later this morning and Mum did some paint jobs. Afterwards we all had coffee, and I had a home-made iced coffee which was very tasty indeed!

DSC06055 DSC06056

It may just be my new favourite drink.



I went all out and put on my Spring dress only to find out that we were going on a walk later that afternoon after seeing the grandparents, so I had to make an outfit change into something more appropriate.









Me and Mum together on mother’s day.



A nice mother’s day in total! Smile. What did you do this year for mother’s day?


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